The Menu

Chef Jiban Krishna Chakraborty have created a menu of dishes using the finest Indian and Oriental recipes. Table service throughout for food and drinks compliment each other perfectly. Taking inspiration from the North-West frontier, all the dishes on our menu are crafted to perfection.

Using incredible fresh and mostly organic produce, dishes are prepared on site every day, and paired with ingredients so good they really speak for themselves. Enjoy memorable multi-sensory feast of North-West Indian cuisine together with Indo-Chinese and Indo-Thai delicacies.

Our Menu

Live Healthy, Eat Fresh

We use only fresh and mostly organic ingredients. Halal, Gluten Free and Vegan options are extensively available in our menu. All dishes can be made Mild, Medium or Hot. We also do catering, any special dishes, YES! Reserve a table now or contact us for more information.

Dine In or Take Out